Abraham Hicks New Workshop – Playing in Playa #1 || Abraham Hicks 2017 – YouTube – LIVE! 

Published on Feb 10, 2017

Abraham Hicks New Workshop – Playing in Playa #1
01. Opening
02. There Are Two Types Of Men For Her
03. What Is My Life’s Purpose?
04. Crashed His Drone On The Best Day Of His Life
05. She Gets Even Better Than She Asked For
06. Do We Co-Create With Mosquitos Too?
07. His Illness Got Worse
08. His Daughter Had A Seizure
09. Wants To Do It All Again, Knowing What He Knows Now
10. Her Son Graduated And Can’t Find A Job
11. How To Trust Your Emotional Guidance System
12. He Wants To Be Free From Cigarettes
13. April First, 2014
14. From Feeling Good To Feeling Great
15. Should Therapist ‘Go Back’ With Patients?
16. Some Patients Only Believe In Natural Remedies
17. DJ Has A Fear Of Being Interviewed