Abraham Hicks New Workshop – Playing in Playa #2 || Abraham Hicks 2017 – YouTube – *****

Be sure not to miss 37 and 38. I’m feeling inspired to book a workshop soon!

This is excellent:

Published on Feb 11, 2017

Abraham Hicks Workshop – Playing in Playa #2
18. What Things Are On Your Mind
19. On What Level Do We Decide To Transition?
20. It Doesn’t Feel Good To Leave. It Doesn’t Feel Good To Stay
21. Reconnecting With His Deceased Son
22. What’s The Deal With 17 Seconds?
23. Her Husband Transitioned In An Audi R8
24. Is Our Learning, Just An Illusion Game?
25. Can Esther And Abraham Merge?
26. Her Two Business Partners Are Not Lining Up
27. Her Business Is Thriving
28. She Loves That Her Business Is Thriving
29. A Half-Brother Gave Him Money
30. Is Waiting, Playing It Safe?
31. A Voice Told Her To Be More Responsible
32. She Is Uncomfortable About Prices
33. Artist Tells His Students To Prepave
34. Enthusiastic For What He Feels Is Unfolding
35. Demographics By Country
36. Lucid Dreaming. Dreaming On Purpose
37. You Can’t Get It Wrong
38. Extras And Fun


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