David R. Hawkins radio interview (from the 80’s) – *****

“The Sedona Method is more effective than psychoanalysis and than any other therapy. I never saw any other method that was more effective than this. This one seems to be the purest. ” – Dr. David R. Hawkins The Sedona Method is essentially an affirmative response to the Buddhist invective to let go of suffering.

Great interview! A lot of the material in Dr Hawkins’ book “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender” is discussed here.

Dr. Hawkins. How about this gem at 1:06:53 …”When you accept hearsay evidence without knowing it through your own experience, then it’s a program. It’s a program when it’s not a realization, an unfoldment of your own …”

1:05 Compares releasing to Buddhism