Project Resolution – Matt Kahn

The first one this week was excellent!

2-6-20 Update: Today’s was also excellent and will be posted to this site along with the others: 


Matt Kahn: Project Resolution

In the name of abolishing unconsciousness in the most conscious way, here is an example of radical intention setting:

May every breath I take fill all sentient beings with radiant light force energy.  May every blink of my eyes open the heart of every person, in all states, continents, cities, and galaxies, and universes. May every word I speak raise the vibration of this beloved planet. May every bite of food that I eat bring resources, the availability of clean drinking water, and an abundance of organic, non-GMO food to all who are hungry. May every step I take upon this planet whether I’m focusing on this or not, bring to all beings renewed life direction, to elevate the world in greater inspiration leaving less room for darkness or harm to reside. May every person I encounter be blessed with the transmission of my eternal holy light, and may the light that I pass on to others whether I speak to them or not heal and absolve their lineage throughout all dimensions, time and space so that everywhere I go I’m not just encountering strangers, I am participating in the transformation of history as we know it. May every choice I make bring to all beings the most inspired choices they’re being urged by their guides and Higher Self to embrace, with the courage to make those choices and the safety to see those choices through, and to find asylum, resolve or be returned home to their country, their family, or the safest housing for their journey. May every sip of water I take heal and replenish the oceans, reverse the harm done to the ecosystem, and renew the natural order of this planet back to synchronized and aligned expression. May every laugh that bubbles up within me bring a renewal of energy to this planet that makes all pollution become extinct. Every time I smile anyone who is in danger is brought to safety. Every time I yawn all children held in captivity are set free.

Just feel what would happen in your life if you start assigning positive change to the simplest action steps. May every time I brush my teeth I cleanse the planet with renewed conscious energy. May every time I wash a dish I cleanse the planet with higher frequencies of light. May every time I dry a dish I polish open the heart of humanity as one. May every time I hold my child or my favorite pet I amplify the comfort in every heart. May every person’s post or comment that I witness on social media bless them, their family and their lineage with all of the wholeness and oneness that furthers the tipping point of our awakening civilization. May every response I make on social media be a blessing of positive affirming energy that I send out to support others. If others are sad, I abolish the sadness by blessing them with happiness. If others are in fear, I bless them with the opposite vibration of courage. If others are confused, I bless them with the vibration of clarity. If others are hurt, I bless them with the vibration of hopefulness. If others are weak, I bless them with the vibration of strength. If others are negative, I take a moment to see them through the eyes of joy and bless them with a positive life force energy that can transform their circumstances. When others are vengeful, angry, and exploding in spontaneous anger, may I bless those beings in sight with a vibration of compassion, humility, and grace. Whenever I see on television the picture of a victim or their predator, may I bless both and all hearts with the vibration of virtue, redemption, and transformation so that any moment of thoughtless pain and tragedy can become a moment of transforming all victims and all predators into beacons of renewed light. When I see political spin or news stories that may not feel very true or real, I bless the planet with the vibration of truth that aligns our will as one. When I see hardship or perceive setbacks in humanity’s plan to awaken, may I bless the planet with the vibration of liberation and conscious expansion. When I perceive or witness or experience bigotry, racism, misogyny, may I bless humanity or any victim or predator of such patterns with the opposite vibration of inclusion, self worth and the acceptance of our uniqueness. When I or someone I witness is persecuted for their lifestyle, gender, or sexual orientation, or the special needs their body requires as they inhabit form as a soul, may I bless myself, those I witness, or all with the vibration of deep acceptance and joy so that all become willing and able to be themselves exactly as they are. Whenever I experience or witness deception, may I bless myself, others, or the world with the vibration of honesty so that we all find the strength and conviction to be authentic throughout our daily lives. May each and every time I have a negative, self-defeating thought, I infuse and uplift the world with greater consciousness.

A radical intention always blesses the givers, receivers, and witnesses.

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