‘Listen to the Doctors, End the Lockdowns’ – Ron Paul Weekly Column

Listen to the Doctors, End the Lockdowns

Six hundred physicians recently signed a letter to President Trump calling for an end to the coronavirus lockdowns. The physicians wrote that, far from protecting public health, the lockdowns are causing “exponentially growing negative health consequences” for millions of Americans.

Since the lockdowns began, there have been increases in alcoholism, drug abuse, and domestic violence. There has also been an increase in calls to suicide hotlines. This is a direct result of the mass unemployment and limitations on people’s activities resulting from the lockdowns. As long as millions of Americans are sitting at home wondering how to survive until the government says they can go back to work — assuming the lockdowns did not drive their employers out of business, there will be more substance abuse and suicides.

At the start of the lockdowns, Americans were told to stay away from emergency rooms and doctors’ offices to avoid exposure to coronavirus. This has led Americans to neglect their health. US hospitals have seen a 40 percent decline in the number of patients admitted for severe heart attacks since March. Does anyone believe that the coronavirus panic just happened to coincide with a miraculous decline in heart attacks?

Physicians have also become unable to help many stroke victims who coronavirus lockdowns have kept from seeking medical assistance.

Early in the coronavirus panic, hospitals were told to cancel elective procedures to ensure space was available for an expected wave of coronavirus patients. But hospitals were not overwhelmed by coronavirus patients. Beds and other resources were unused.

According to the American Hospital Association, this has cost healthcare providers tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue. Inner-city and rural hospitals that already operate on slim profit margins are especially hard hit by the financial impact of the lockdowns. These hospitals may have to cut back on services. Some may even close. This will make it even more difficult for rural and inner-city Americans to obtain quality, affordable healthcare.

Postponing needed surgeries will have serious consequences. Many patients whose surgeries have been delayed will find that their once easily treatable conditions now require intensive and expensive care.

Some people are forgoing disease management and checkups that could keep them from developing more serious problems. The coronavirus lockdowns have even caused the canceling of chemotherapy treatments.

According to the physicians’ letter to President Trump, the coronavirus lockdowns are preventing 150,000 Americans a month from finding out they have cancer. Skipped routine cancer screenings mean cancer is not detected in an early stage, when it is most easily treated.

The coronavirus lockdowns have upended the lives of Americans to “protect” them from a virus with a 0.2 percent fatality rate, with the majority of those fatalities occurring in nursing homes and among people with chronic health conditions. Instead, the rational response would be to protect the vulnerable, and let the rest of the people live their lives. But politicians and government-anointed “experts” do not respond rationally to a “crisis,” especially when a panicked reaction can increase their power and prestige.

The lesson of the unnecessary lockdowns is clear: Government bureaucrats and politicians, even the media’s beloved Dr. Fauci, must be stripped of the ability to infringe on our liberty and prosperity.

Source: ‘Listen to the Doctors, End the Lockdowns’ – Ron Paul’s 1 June Column

BBC Radio 4 – Seriously…, Seriously… – Seven things you need to know about Antifa

The anti-fascist movement has been making the headlines, but what is it?

Seven things you need to know about Antifa

Online battles between far right groups and anti-fascists – or “Antifa” – are now regularly spilling out onto the streets of America. But who are Antifa and what do they represent? Anisa Subedar and Mike Wendling went to the West coast of America to find out for Seriously… podcast Political Violence in America. Here are seven facts you need to know.

1. How long have Antifa been around?

Some Antifa groups date the origins of their movement to fights against European fascists in the 1920s and 1930s. Mark Bray, author of Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook, says the modern American Antifa movement began in the 1980s with a group called Anti-Racist Action. Its members confronted neo-Nazi skinheads at punk gigs in the American Midwest and elsewhere. By the early 2000s the Antifa movement was mostly dormant – until the rise of Donald Trump and the alt-right.

2. How do you pronounce Antifa?

According to Bray, there are multiple different pronunciations. In the United States most people say an-tee-fa. In Europe it’s sometimes referred to as anti-far, which Bray believes has been influenced by the Italian word antifascismo. He says an-tee-fa but doesn’t correct people who pronounce it differently.

3. What are they opposed to?

Neo-Nazis, Neo-fascism, white supremacists and racism, and these days the movement that encapsulates some of those ideas: the alt-right.

We spoke to secret Antifa groups in Oregon. They said they come from a variety of political backgrounds but they were united in their opposition to fascism, and they have an anti-government streak. They said they see creeping authoritarianism in the current American administration that they are looking to build “a movement that really insulates us from the policies of Donald Trump”.

“It’s not just resisting the federal administration but also resisting moves that can lead to fascism,” one member told us, “and those happen locally whether from local officials or from local alt-right movements.”

4 Why do they all dress in black?

Like other protest movements dating back to Cold War era West German anarchists, Antifa supporters will often dress all in black, sometimes covering their faces with masks or helmets so they can’t be identified by opposing groups or the police. It’s an intimidating tactic – known as a “black bloc” – which also allows them to move together as one anonymous group. There are also offshoots – one Antifa group in Oregon said they also have a “snack bloc” of people who provide food and water for their allies during protests.

5. What tactics do they use?

Antifa look to disrupt alt-right events and far-right speakers. They use a variety of tactics to do this – including shouting and chanting and forming human chains to block off right-wing demonstrators. Some are unapologetic about their online tactics, which include monitoring the far right on social media. They also release personal information about their opponents online, commonly known as “doxxing” – they’ve gotten some alt-right supporters fired from their jobs after identifying them online.

Antifa groups also use more traditional forms of community organising like rallies and protest marches. The most extreme factions will carry weapons like pepper spray, knives, bricks and chains – and they don’t rule out violence.

6: How violent are they?

Their willingness to use violence marks out Antifa from many other left-wing activists, although the Antifa members we spoke to said they denounce the use of weapons and violent direct action. They said if violence does occur, it’s as a form of self-defence. They also make historical arguments to justify their position. For instance, they ask, what if opponents of the German Nazi Party had been more forceful in their opposition in the 1930s, could World War Two and the Holocaust have been averted?

Antifa have been directly and sometimes physically confronting the far right on the streets and, in some cases, they have been successful in postponing, cutting short or cancelling rallies and speeches up and down America.

7. Do women join Antifa groups?

Traditionally direct street action has been a mostly male domain, but significant numbers of women are members of Antifa groups and have been arrested at counter-demonstrations against the alt-right in California and elsewhere. Female members of Antifa groups told us they view the current administration as being anti-women. They point to White House policies on immigration, affordable health care, abortion rights and voting rights and say they disproportionately affect women and minorities. We spoke with Sunsara Taylor from the Antifa group Refuse Fascism who told us women are motivated to respond to “what hits them”.

Source: BBC Radio 4 – Seriously…, Seriously… – Seven things you need to know about Antifa

The Power of the Plate – The Plantrician Project – Planting the seeds of change

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Your health starts with food.

But what we eat doesn’t always reflect this fact. Only 11% of total calories in The Standard American Diet come from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and nuts—and more than half come from highly processed foods.

How your food is produced is important, too.

Over time, conventional agricultural methods depleted the soil and reduced the nutrient density of what we eat. In some cases, the loss is up to 38%. Combined with he calorie dense Standard American Diet, we’re facing “hidden hunger” and the epidemic rise of lifestyle diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Concurrently, we are losing topsoil to erosion at the breathtaking rates while more than 80% of the land is dedicated to industrialized animal production that produces only 18% of the calories and 37% of the protein. However, there’s another way forward: regenerative healthcare. 

This is wholistic system in which agriculture and healthcare work in tandem. Together, they inform a prevention/regenerative-based approach to human and environmental healthcare. 

We are pleased to share with you a new white paper we created in partnership with Rodale Institute*, that examines these pressing issues and offer steps to a healthier future. “The Power of the Plate” is a wholistic analysis of the deeply intertwined relationship between agriculture, nutrition, and medicine.  

Explore the system that can change everything. Experience the Power of the Plate.

Click here to download.

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Universal House Arrest Policy Was a Mistake – Rogue Economics – Bill Bonner

Week 12 of the Quarantine

SAN MARTIN, ARGENTINA – What joy for a cynic! Here is proof that the human race is every bit as stupid and as cupid as he always thought it was.

Two of the biggest public policy humbugs in human history have come in the last 90 days. Today, we look at the first one.

On their own, people are passably competent and tolerably intelligent. They drive down highways at 70 mph. They balance their checkbooks. They get along with each other.

But give them “public policy,” and they immediately shed 50 IQ points… becoming delusional, vainglorious, and aggressive.

Magic Wealth

Everybody knows, on his own, that if he makes a copy of a $1 bill, it is worthless. But he thinks that the feds can create trillions of them… and they will magically represent real wealth.

On his own, he realizes that he knows nothing about China, Russia, or Iran. (As for the latter, he is not even sure where it is… or what language they speak there… And he believes, vaguely, that it is full of Arabs.) But as a matter of public policy, he is sure they are up to no good.

Personally, he avoids getting into conflict with his neighbors. But let the feds and the press come up with a woebegone war – against small countries… drugs… poverty… terrorism (even though he has no idea who qualifies as a terrorist)… and now, a molecule – and his national pride is engaged; he’s ready to back the war with all his heart.

No Indiscriminate Killer

On March 13, President Trump proclaimed a state of emergency. At the time, it looked like it might be the best thing to do. After all, the human race was at war with a New Plague… that, we were told, could rake through the population, killing millions.

By March 17, the “emergency” was obviously a mistake. The Italians came forward with the evidence. It was us – over 70, with pre-existing health problems – for whom Death had come a-calling, not the entire human race.

A lot of people got the disease – just as they get seasonal colds and flu – but it only kills the old and the sick. The median age of death in Italy was over 80.

And here, Dear Reader, we give you a sad “heads up.” We’re all going to die. The only question is when. On average, in the U.S., we die at age 78. COVID-19 takes us at 78, too.

Young people are almost immune. The Italian report revealed that by mid-March, no one under 30 had died from the virus there. And there had been only 17 deaths among people under 50…

And all those under 40 who had died from the virus had pre-existing “co-morbidities.” Overall, 99% of the fatalities had a previously existing ailment.

Between the young and the old is about a half a century… and a thousand times difference in mortality rates. And yet, under the Trump/Fauci internment program, the two groups were locked up together. It was like putting both a serial killer and an innocent nun in solitary confinement, regardless of their crimes.

About half of those killed by the virus in America were in nursing homes and half-way houses already… that is, lingering somewhere between the quick and the dead.

And all the evidence that has come out since then has confirmed that this is no indiscriminate killer. Instead, it merely helps those already headed to the grave to get there a little faster.

For everybody else, it is just another of life’s risks. And for people under 60, it carries about the same risk as driving to work.

From Mistake to Scam

With these facts at hand, Dr. Fauci and the president should have immediately looked the nation in the eye, told the truth, and reversed their Universal House Arrest policy. The vulnerable should have been warned… old age homes could have been defended… and the rest of the population would have been free to use its own judgment.

Instead, the “mistake” turned into a scam. The media, the governors, the health experts, and the feds induced a war hysteria. Wearing a mask became a display of not just civic virtue, but obedience. Dissent was dismissed as “crackpot,” anti-social… or treasonous. Adults challenged each other: “Why aren’t you wearing a mask?”

And here’s New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo:

Not wearing a mask is not okay, and that has to be the culture and that has to be the attitude. It’s not okay if you don’t wear a mask. It’s not okay for you to jeopardize my health. I don’t think it’s right for you to jeopardize your health, but that’s your health. And by the way, you jeopardize your health.


The press and the health-scolds try to pretend that there is a battle going on between the mask-wearing “science” of Dr. Fauci and the unmasked politics of Donald Trump. But where is the science?

Is there evidence that a non-mask-wearing society will be worse off than one where masks are obligatory? It doesn’t exist. Some places require face masks; some don’t. Some people wear them; some don’t.

Even the World Health Organization now disputes the need for masks. Here’s its new guideline:

If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with COVID-19.

Lunatic Regulations

Anthony Fauci is Donald Trump’s employee. Part of the executive branch, he is a career Deep Stater, who could be fired at any time. But the two – Trump and Fauci – found each other useful, one pretending that there was a mortal threat… the other pretending to protect us from it.

The former enjoys more fame and influence than any public employee since Pontius Pilate… the latter positioned himself as a “war president,” claiming power that would be off-limits in peacetime.

And then, as if to mock science as well as common sense, lunatic regulations appeared across the nation to enforce the lockdown…

You were allowed on “wet sand” but not on dry sand…

You were told that fresh air and sunshine would help keep the virus at bay… but outside sports were canceled… children (who had been shown to be immune from the disease, and did not carry it to others) were discouraged from playing outdoors… even summer camps and summer holidays had to be canceled as the health goons cracked down…

You were allowed to drive in a car with your family… but not to get into a boat…

You were allowed to buy lottery tickets, booze, and marijuana – they were “essential” – but going to church was verboten

Restaurants, bars, sports events… all were off-limits, even to people with nearly zero chance of dying from the virus…

You could drive to the golf course with three friends… but you couldn’t play golf together…

You were supposed to cry a tear for the 100,000 victims of COVID-19, but as for the 647,000 who die every year from heart disease, the 606,000 victims of cancer, and the 167,000 who die in accidents… well… tough luck…

You could be arrested and put in jail for violating the lockdown… but convicted criminals were let out, because it might be dangerous to their health to stay in prison!

Even Bigger Scam

The Big COVID-19 Scam has cost Americans an estimated $5 trillion. So far.

That’s just the money; we can’t even begin to tally the costs in lost opportunities, indignities, and inconveniences.

But wait. After the lockdown was revealed as a scam, hardly a week had passed before the feds came up with an even bigger scam.

Tomorrow, we will tell the story from the point of view of the victims…

Stay tuned…





Source: Universal House Arrest Policy Was a Mistake – Rogue Economics

600 Physicians Say Lockdowns Are A ‘Mass Casualty Incident’ – Forbes

“It is impossible to overstate the short, medium, and long-term harm to people’s health with a continued shutdown…from missed cancer diagnoses to untreated heart attacks and strokes to increased risks of suicides,” physicians warn.

More than 600 of the nation’s physicians sent a letter to President Trump this week calling the coronavirus shutdowns a “mass casualty incident” with “exponentially growing negative health consequences” to millions of non COVID patients.

“The downstream health effects…are being massively under-estimated and under-reported. This is an order of magnitude error,” according to the letter initiated by Simone Gold, M.D., an emergency medicine specialist in Los Angeles.

“Suicide hotline phone calls have increased 600%,” the letter said. Other silent casualties:  “150,000 Americans per month who would have had new cancer detected through routine screening.”

From missed cancer diagnoses to untreated heart attacks and strokes to increased risks of suicides, “We are alarmed at what appears to be a lack of consideration for the future health of our patients.”

Patients fearful of visiting hospitals and doctors’ offices are dying because COVID-phobia is keeping them from seeking care. One patient died at home of a heart attack rather than go to an emergency room. The number of severe heart attacks being treated in nine U.S hospitals surveyed dropped by nearly 40% since March. Cardiologists are worried “a second wave of deaths” indirectly caused by the virus is likely.

The physicians’ letter focuses on the impact on Americans’ physical and mental health.  “The millions of casualties of a continued shutdown will be hiding in plain sight, but they will be called alcoholism, homelessness, suicide, heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure. In youths it will be called financial instability, unemployment, despair, drug addiction, unplanned pregnancies, poverty, and abuse.

“It is impossible to overstate the short, medium, and long-term harm to people’s health with a continued shutdown,” the letter says. “Losing a job is one of life’s most stressful events, and the effect on a person’s health is not lessened because it also has happened to 30 million [now 38 million] other people.  Keeping schools and universities closed is incalculably detrimental for children, teenagers, and young adults for decades to come.”

While all 50 states are relaxing lockdowns to some extent, some local officials are threatening to keep stay-at-home orders in place until August.  Many schools and universities say they may remain closed for the remainder of 2020.

“Ending the lockdowns are not about Wall Street or disregard for people’s lives; it about saving lives,” said Dr. Marilyn Singleton, a California anesthesiologist and one of the signers of the letter. “We cannot let this disease change the U.S. from a free, energetic society to a society of broken souls dependent on government handouts.” She blogs about the huge damage the virus reaction is doing to the fabric of society.

Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, also warns that restrictions are having a huge negative impact on non-COVID patients.

“Even patients who do get admitted to hospital, say for a heart problem, are prisoners. No one can be with them. Visitation at a rare single-story hospital was through closed outside window, talking via telephone,” she wrote us.  “To get permission to go to the window you have to make an appointment (only one group of two per day!), put on a mask, get your temperature taken, and get a visitor’s badge of the proper color of the day.”

How many cases of COVID-19 are prevented by these practices? “Zero,” Dr. Orient says.  But the “ loss of patient morale, loss of oversight of care, especially at night are incalculable.”

Virtually all hospitals halted “elective” procedures to make beds available for what was expected to be a flood of COVID-19 patients.  Beds stayed empty, causing harm to patients and resulting in enormous financial distress to hospitals, especially those with limited reserves.

Even states like New York that have had tough lockdowns are starting to allow elective hospital procedures in some regions.  But it’s more like turning up a dimmer switch. In Pennsylvania, the chair of the Geisinger Heart Institute, Dr. Alfred Casale, said the opening will be slow while the facility is reconfigured for COVID-19 social distancing and enhanced hygiene.

Will patients come back?  COVID-phobia is deathly real.

Patients still are fearful about going to hospitals for heart attacks and even for broken bones and deep lacerations. Despite heroic efforts by physicians to deeply sanitize their offices, millions have cancelled appointments and are missing infusion therapies and even chemotherapy treatments. This deferred care is expected to lead to patients who are sicker when they do come in for care and more deaths from patients not receiving care for stroke, heart attacks, etc.

NPR reported about a Washington state resident who had what she described as the “worst headache of her life.”

She waited almost a week before going to the hospital where doctors discovered she had a brain bleed that had gone untreated.  She had multiple strokes and died. “This is something that most of the time we’re able to prevent,” said her neurosurgeon, Dr. Abhineet Chowdhary, director of the Overlake Neuroscience Institute in Bellevue, Wash.

As the number of deaths from the virus begin to decline, we are likely to awaken to this new wave of casualties the 600 physicians are warning about. We should be listening to the doctors, and heed their advice immediately.

UPDATE‪: An Associated Press article by Michael Biesecker and Jason Dearen that includes a description of the 600-physician letter is headlined “GOP fronts ‘pro-Trump’ doctors to prescribe rapid reopening,” which has led to criticism of Gold and her colleagues on social media. However, as the article acknowledges in the text, “Gold denied she was coordinating her efforts with Trump’s reelection campaign.” Gold echoed those comments to us, saying, “This was 100% physician grassroots. There was 0% GOP.”

Source: 600 Physicians Say Lockdowns Are A ‘Mass Casualty Incident’