A Declaration of Non-Dependence | Marc Malone | America21Century.com

An English-born American philosopher, entrepreneur, political activist, and counter-theorist on the “science of social engineering”. Founder of America21, an anti-Globalist organization that seeks to undo UN initiatives that erode basic rights (property, privacy) and return State and National sovereignty to the people. Generally a strategic-analyst by trade, working as an Academic of the Secretary Division at University of Nottingham (#75 in the world) to Data Science, Behavior Analysis and Linguistics in the Corporate world. Studied Philosophy of Science (PhiloScience) at Oxford University and a member of the Oxford Philosophical Society.

The Philosophy of Sovereignty: America Must Leave all Global Governance Initiatives, and Reclaim its Destiny for the 21st Century

To the Living Men & Women of America,

I. Origin of the Global Governance Problem

II. The Worldview Underpinning Totalitarianism

III. Current State of ‘the States’

IV. Returning to a Transcendent Mission


It’s very likely the contents of this essay will bring about a combination of confusion and rage in many. Indeed, if it doesn’t I suppose I’m not doing my duty correctly, because we’re tackling what I consider the ‘cardinal sin’ of them all. The ultimate endgame of all tyranny – the end of individual sovereignty. The end of autonomy, individual and collective, and the end of nations. Sound hyperbolic? Well sir/madam, read on, and determine for yourself. I would like to believe that the events from March 2020 onwards, worldwide and in America, have proven to people what the ‘Corporate-Government’ are capable of: Forced shutdown of independent businesses leading to Great Depression levels of ‘recession’ and unemployment, $6 Trillion in one year added to the National Debt, “Isolation” camps, Cargo & Shipping shortages, not to mention coercing the entire population into a speculative, radical genetic therapy vaccine, approved for Emergency Use only. Keep this in mind as we explore the ‘endgame’ of this system, Global Governance, and not just its birthing pains that we’re currently enduring. If the quality of your life has been reduced between 2020 and 2021, you can be assured it will be reduced significantly more, should this Technocracy fully manifest in the West between now and 2030. This is a Meta-Analysis, so for the sake of convenience and readability, I will not be explaining in every detail how, and why, your life specifically will be affected by the problem outlined, merely making the case that our dependency on it, and consent of it, could bring about the end of the America we know and love – and the solution is more Sovereignty.

Continued on Source: A Declaration of Non-Dependence

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