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This talk was delivered on November 9, 2019, at the Mises Institute symposium in Lake, Jackson, Texas.

I had the rare honor of serving as Ron Paul’s congressional chief of staff, and observed him in many proud moments in those days, and in his presidential campaigns. People today sometimes compare Ron Paul with Bernie Sanders. The comparison of Bernie to Ron goes like this: both launched insurgent, anti-establishment presidential campaigns while in their 70s, shook up their respective party establishments, and attracted large youth followings. But Bernie is no Ron.

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Power Plants for Healing – Hippocrates Health Institute

AN INTERVIEW WITH IAN GARRARD Research scientist validates health benefits of broccoli sprouts and eating a plant-based diet. BY ANNA MARIA CLEMENT, PhD, LN

While speaking in Warsaw, Poland, we met a wonderful woman, Monika Garrard. She spoke to us about her husband, Ian, a research scientist working extensively on the positive […]

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